Wow it’s been a while since I’ve written a post.  A lot of running around and experiencing new things and before anyone says anything, I looked it up.  The plural of penis can be penises so don’t Google it.  I didn’t want to throw anyone off by saying penii or penes.  Besides it didn’t flow with my title so I’ll just move on to my post.  I have been dying to tell you about attending the Gay Pride Parade in San Francisco.  I wasn’t sure what to expect and truthfully was a little apprehensive.   I think most people feel that way when they aren’t exposed to a certain life style.  But there I was and it was one of the best times I ever had!

Stepping onto BART I was immediately caught up in the excitement of what was coming up.  Feathers, glitter, bright colors and lots of laughing.  I could have caught a lot of flies with my mouth open as wide as it was.  I tried to sneak some pictures with my phone but was worried I might offend someone.  Lots of good looking men in tight clothes and women that could probably kick my ass.  Now I told you from the beginning that I am not discussing religion or politics so that should let you know that I am usually not politically correct.  I write as the words are coming out of my mouth so hold on to your knickers, as my new English friend Paul would say.  I was on a mission.   I was white and uptight (as opposed to black and mild) and on the train ride in to the big city.   I was crushed by a crowd of people heading downtown…but at least it smelled good.

My first sight off the train with this cute little girl covered in glitter with fairy wings and those multi colored fuzzy legging thingies that reminded me of Pretty Pony.  Maybe that was the look she was going for and I’m sure there’s a name for them, the leggings that is.  I could take her down if she turned on me but right now she looked harmless.  Okay there went a gorgeous woman with impeccable make up skills…whoops that was a man with really pretty legs.  Up the escalator to the streets where I switch into complete fantasy mode.  Assaulted with all the pretty colors and people I think I might have started to skip.  Oh look a parade!!  How fun is this?  Beautiful women in gorgeous dresses dancing down the streets.  Why do they have on heels?  The dark skinned man in a robe and a turban on his head has on red pumps.  Whoa, wait a minute he just took off his robe.  Do his parents know he is here doing this?  Will he get in trouble when they see him on the internet? Why does that guy have on a thong and why is he hanging on the street light?  Does he know his ass is uncovered?  I don’t think he cares!  Does that girl know I can see her private parts?  Why is everything covered in glitter?

I’m really starting to like this whole scene and noticing that everyone seems to be having a great time.  I don’t see alcohol or edibles being sold on the street corners.  No smell of weed or drunk people falling over and passing out.  Could all of these people just be really happy to be alive and feeling free?  It’s then that I realized I was a minority in a sea of same sex love and frivolity.   I didn’t feel odd, hated, looked down upon or different.  I just felt a lot of love and acceptance.  Is this what it felt like at Woodstock?  Should I take off my bra and wear it around my head like a bandana…wait I’m getting off track here.  As the day wore on my mouth started to close and a smile took over.  I was enjoying myself and it was OKAY to feel like this.

I hope the pictures that I attach do the day the justice it deserves.  Sure I went to a male dance club and put dollar bills in the dancers g-string, but he winked at me.  I danced with a 7 foot beauty that looked like Diana Ross and even got a kiss.  I was told that my dancing skills were on point and that my makeup was artfully applied.  I think I might have arm wrestled a big tattooed girl later in the evening but things weren’t quite clear at that time.  Was I offended?  Was I embarrassed?  Hell no!  I was having the time of my life.  I felt like I could ask any question I wanted to.  I could take pictures without offending anyone or getting mean mugged.  I was out of my element but accepted at the same time.  So what did I learn from all of this……