This has been a week of reflection for me.  Have you ever done that?  You see something and it just takes you back?  It might be something that makes you happy or cry but it definitely makes you think.  What frame of mind were you in at the time?  Why did you respond the way you did?  Most everyone knows that I’m pretty happy go lucky.  I try to see the good in all things but I must say that this past year has been very trying for me.  I think I have run every emotion known to man.  I have cried more in the last year than I think I have cried in a lifetime…but you know what?!?  I’m still here.  I’m still breathing.  I still look the same.  My family still loves me.  I have my health.  Losing my mind (and other thoughts) had entered my head at some time but I weathered through it.  As much as the past year has hurt, I believe it happened to make me a stronger person.  I learned what mattered and what didn’t.  I learned who I could trust and who I couldn’t, but instead of being angry about it I pushed through to where I am today.  One of the hardest things was learning to be alone.  It’s a horrible feeling but I think once you experience it you can appreciate what you have in the present and actually understand a little more about who you are.  It also helps that to have the best family in the world that will either cry with me or bring me back to reality.  Coming from a military family we learned we had an hour to suck it up and move on but I think that put things in perspective.  If you could get over it in a hour you were going to live another day.  I let my”hour” go on a little too long.

So here I am in California, perched on the side of a hill, enjoying the sunshine and breeze.  It took me a while to get here but I’m in a much better frame of mind.  Thank you to my BFFs that stuck with me.  Thank you to Mel whose humor kept me laughing through the tears.  Thank you to Diane who encouraged me to go to Turning Point church and it actually was my “turning point”.  Thank you to Amber who encouraged my jewelry business.  Thank you to my family for always supporting me even though they questioned some of my choices.  Thank you to my children for always being my biggest cheerleaders and being able to think outside the box.  There are a lot of other people who had my back.  You know who you are and I thank you.

This post was a little more somber than my usual rants but I felt it needed to be said.  I have started and stopped it many times because it was emotional for me.  I love the quote “Don’t judge other people because you don’t know what battle they are fighting” is so true.  Unless you take the time to sit down and talk to someone about what is going on in their life, don’t assume you know.  You could do more harm than good by speaking out of turn or gossiping.  SEE THE GOOD IN ALL THINGS…all the little things you might have missed or never bothered to ask about.  I’m working on my Father’s Day post, but since he won’t answer the phone call from his favorite daughter….